07 octubre, 2011

La Verdadera Historia de Darwin

Hola Chicos:

Os traigo un video genial que he encontrado en la red, de la verdadera historia de Darwin. Es muy gracioso la verdad, genial.
Sirva esta escueta entrada de prefacio de mi próxima entrada en la que hablaré del GENIAL DARWIN. Os adelanto la primera página del libro de la Autobiografía de Darwin (y os lo escribo abajo porque en la imagen hay que tener imaginación jejejeje)

1876 May 31st
Recollections of the Development of my mind & character.
C. Darwin
A German Editor having written to me to ask for an account of the development of my mind & character with some sketch of my autobiography, I have thought that the attempt would amuse me, & might possibly interest my children or their children.
I know that it would have interested me greatly to have read even so short & dull a sketch of the mind of my grandfather written by himself, & what he thought & did & how he worked. I have attempted to write the following account of myself, as if I were a dead man in another world looking back at my own life. Nor have I found this difficult, for life is nearly over with me. I have taken no pains about my style of writing.
I was born at Shrewsbury on February 12th, 1809. I have heard my Father say that he believed that persons with powerful minds generally had memories extending far back to a very early period of life. This is not my case for my earliest recollection goes back only to when I was a few months...

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